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Premium Grade Hip Hop --- Cultivated in Colorado Since 2010

300+ days of sunshine a year = 700 mountains taller than 13,000 ft = 200+ Possible Ski Days = 100,000 sq miles of playground

The Colorado life is indeed a lucky one to live and each day it is celebrated. Thin Air Crew is a collection of artists brought together by Hip-Hop and shaped by the experience, activities, culture, and the outdoor playground that we survive and thrive within. Rhythms influenced by decades of hip-hop artists before us. Souls influenced by million year old landscapes. Lifestyle shaped by living in this moment.

Join us on this musical journey.  

Meet the CREW:

”that’s why I spit it from the heart, you feel it in your soul, not talking bitches, drugs, or money, we got higher goals; I ain’t never gonna stop, I ain’t never gonna lose, I’m committed to this vision, it’s the life I choose”
- Lyrics from Friends or Lovers
”I’m never second guessing so I am hardly stressing; They tell me there is a war going on outside, my mind is my main weapon; I’m prepared to do whatever to bring us together. I ain’t going to kick you while you’re down, I’m going to help you get better, that’s just the person I am”
- Lyrics from ’My Mind is my Main Weapon’

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