Promoting Colorado Hip Hop since inception, get details into the purpose and history of one Colorado's top hip-hop groups.

History of the Crew:

20 years ago musician’s DMFC, LA ROSE, and A.Will all fell in love with that mystical mistress called music. Each studied her intensely. Thousands of patient and trying hours poured into listening, learning, trying, failing, crafting, and performing. The history of world music, the history of our hip-hop instruments, the history of our forefathers. Each member of the Crew developed a unique understanding of the world around them and how music influenced perceptions. Chance encounters several years ago brought together these artists to create original sounds, fresh beats, and interesting stories. This is an adventure of success and odd failures. This is our art.

Thin Air Crew is a large family of artists.

Together DMFC + LA ROSE + A.WILL have crafted lyrical poetry with the following individuals:

  • Conrad Biegel, Bryce Peterson, Tino the SmoovSpaztk, TOKE, Germoney, Brittani Farrell

  • Productions by: TO Beats, Kid Flash,


Inspiration of the Crew:

The scene is set in the humble Northern Colorado city of Fort Collins. The Crew has been influenced by this quiet and diverse town, writing in-depth lyrics about how it has shaped our lives. Mother Nature is our backyard connecting us to an outdoor world that is quickly disappearing. Pretty sunsets doesn’t mask that fact that life isn’t easy. Hustling is what has made anyone in this country and we work alongside the best.

Music has always been a center of colorado heritage so naturally when you grow up watching the greats perform at grand natural venues, this was inspiration. To become the creator, to share in that performance glory. Red rocks, the mish, dozens of intimate venues only strengthen our love for music and for hip-hop.